Monday, June 25, 2012

David Shrigley

I'm Dead, 2010

A retrospective devoted to Scottish artist David Shrigley (b. 1968) just opened at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. According to YBCA, "David Shrigley: Brain Activity, curated by Cliff Lauson of the Hayward Gallery, London, is the largest survey of the artist’s work to date, and features groupings of drawings and paintings on paper, a variety of sculptures, several installations, sets of photographs and a selection of animations."

All photos from YBCA.  

The Bell, 2007

Untitled, 2009
From an interview with David Shrigley – "Well, I suppose it’s a cathartic thing. It enables you to say what you want to say, and vent your anger about just the lunatic, idiot world we live in. I think I’m a much saner person because I’m able to be an artist, or be a kind of artist that I am, where you can make work about how horrible people are, and how unacceptable it is that they are so horrible and how unacceptable it is that people accept how horrible these people are. I kind of assume that’s a given for everybody, that everybody feels that there are quite a number of aspects of contemporary life in an advanced capitalist society that are really unacceptable, but what can we do to change it? Make stupid drawings I suppose."

Do Not Linger At The Gate, 2008

Boots, 2010

Nailed Biscuit, 2001

OoO, 2007

Lightswitch, 2007

Sleep, 2008

Balloon, 2008