Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sink and Float

Noguera Blanchard in Barcelona recently staged a show called Leaves Swim by conceptual artist Shimabuku (b. 1969). Above are three views of  Something that Floats / Something that Sinks (2008).  It puts me irreverently in mind of my daughter's favorite nursery school game, called Sink and Float. What the toddlers did then is precisely what Shimabuku is doing now, bless his heart.

He was born in Japan and began his art eduction there, then finished it at the San Francisco Art Institute (in 1992). An established figure, Shimabuku now lives and works in Berlin (as does everybody interesting, as we all know from numberless pieces of evidence presented at regular intervals on this blog). The work below, also from 2008, is called Onion Orion.