Friday, June 8, 2012


 I reached Mabel Watson Payne's building on a sunny but chilly afternoon. She had been out all morning with Daddy in the East Bay visiting her grandmother's classroom. For the afternoon, we decided to stay in and play with toys and read. The plastic plant below is a solar-powered wiggling daisy, a gift from that grandmother. Unfortunately as soon as we started to admire (and handle) this gizmo, the solar-powered wiggling daisy broke off near the base of its plastic stem.

Actually, nobody was particularly concerned about this, because, as Mabel said, "Mamma fix it."

When my daughter got home (on a Friday afternoon after a long week of getting back into the swing of things after the East Coast trip) she agreed to drop all other concerns and set right to work repairing the broken-off daisy. The project began in the big hall closet (full of miscellaneous equipment and supplies) where Mamma unearthed a stock of shiny narrow opaque adhesive tape in many different colors. Mabel chose red.

Together mother and daughter reattached the daisy, and agreed to handle it very carefully (if at all) from now on. Meanwhile, Mabel asked me to put a collar of leftover red tape on her little wooden giraffe on wheels.