Friday, March 16, 2012


1/320 second, f/4

Yesterday afternoon Mabel Watson Payne noticed a bandaid on one of my fingers. Being a great admirer of bandaids she promptly addressed the source of all power & decision-making in the world she inhabits, asking her Daddy if she could have a bandaid on one of her fingers.

1/1250 second, f/2.5

1/40 second, f/5

He seriously weighed this request and and then consented, to her great joy.

1/400 second, f/1.4

1/250 second, f/2.5

1/400 second, f/1.4

1/400 second, f/1.4

This was my first attempt with the new camera simply to chase the action around the house as it developed. The trick was to use fast-enough shutter speeds to prevent motion-blur and camera-shake, but slow-enough to maximize the overcast daylight pouring through the many generous windows of Mabel Watson Payne's apartment. Setting the ISO up to 1000 helped to enrich the color without exaggerating it.

1/160 second, f/3.5