Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wind-up Babies

1/40 second, f/3.5

When we got back from the playground Mabel Watson Payne decided to enact the ritual of emptying my backpack. Above, she extracted the current book I am ardently enjoying (as documented here).

Delving deeper (below) Mabel discovered a pair of wind-up babies, one with pink diaper and one with blue. I suggested she might as well keep those at her house.

1/1000 second, f/3.2

1/1600 second, f/2.5

1/400 second, f/4.5

Then when my daughter came in I was treated to a demonstration of Mabel's famous Pillow Game where she pretends to be a pillow. This demonstration did not last very long. After it was over the normal world of books and reading got reasserted.

1/125 second, f/6.3

1/160 second, f/5

1/250 second, f/4.5

1/250 second, f/4.5

1/400 second, f/4.5