Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Plant Life

1/400 second, f/4

1/400 second, f/4.5

1/800 second, f/3.2

1/1000 second, f/4

1/1600 second, f/3.5

At Dearborn Community Garden certain of the individual allotments contain only what is edible. Others contain only what is floral. Yet all somehow turn out to be equally ornamental. This group (like yesterday's peas) was made at ISO 250.

1/4000 second, f/4

1/1600 second, f/4.5

1/3200 second, f/3.5

1/1600 second, f/2.8

1/1000 second, f/4

1/1600, f/2.8

1/1000 second, f/3.2

1/640 second, f/1.8

1/640 second, f/4

1/1000 second, f/4.5

I first took pictures of this miniature desert garden in August 2010. Perhaps I will show the final one above to Mabel Watson Payne when I babysit tomorrow afternoon and I will ask her to find the little hidden man.