Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seven Glass Lampshades

1/200 second, f/10, ISO 500

I had the camera along with me while doing errands, but the light was too flat outside to offer much. Then this spectacular man-made light unexpectedly revealed itself inside one of the antique street cars from Milan that run up and down Market. Then I was happy.

1/60 second, f/11, ISO 500

These trees along Dolores are a kind of ficus that flourish in this neighborhood. They are remarkably sturdy and fast-growing trees, but I read that Friends of the Urban Forest has stopped planting them, because their roots are too aggressive and protuberant. Everywhere you see specimens like the ones above surviving, the sidewalks have had to be repaved at least once for their accommodation. It does seem worth the effort, considering how attractive they are.