Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Graveyard Tulips

1/400 second, f/4.5

After mentioning the possibility yesterday, I decided to try out the black and white persona of this new camera. It was a lucky occasion, I think, because the wind had been intense all day and the air was unusually transparent.

1/400 second, f/13

1/400 second, f/6.3

Mission Dolores graveyard seemed like a place that would cast some interesting shadows, late in the afternoon.

1/400th second, f/4.5

1/400 second, f/16

1/400 second, f/16

This statue of a mourning woman (above) has a full-size ship's anchor at its base, somewhat damaged by long-ago vandals. The Mission does a good job protecting the graveyard now.

1/1000 second, f/1.8

1/400 second, f/2.8

1/400 second, f/5

1/320 second, f/14

Working in such hard sunlight the slightest tilt could alter the digital readings in the viewfinder tremendously. I made all kinds of different exposures, curious to see what worked and what didn't. Everything today was ISO 400.

1/400 second, f/2

1/400 second, f/7.1