Friday, March 9, 2012

Monochrome Mabel

1/3 second, f/1.8

1.6 seconds, f/8

1/2 second, f/4

These are the first pictures I've attempted of Mabel Watson Payne (and her mother) with the new camera (an attempt not without a good deal of fumbling and hesitation). I did these with a tripod, because low light seemed to mandate long exposures. Perhaps there are other better strategies, but this was the one in use today. I left the ISO at 400 from the last few outdoor sessions simply because I forgot about it, but ideally I should have set it higher.

1/3 second, f/2.8

1/15 second, f/1.6

1/5 second, f/2.2

My granddaughter and her parents are commendably patient about all the extra fuss while I get used to this elaborate gadget. Even when they wave a stuffed animal at the lens they are essentially trying to be helpful (although it may look a lot like teasing) by offering the camera a moving target to focus on.

1/3 second, f/2