Monday, March 26, 2012

Guerrero Architecture

1/640 second, f/4

The pair of doors above (on Guerrero in the Mission) was a happy discovery on Sunday afternoon. The daylight kept getting brighter the longer I continued my experiments with small apertures. Without a lot of reflected light I don't think the details of the doors would have emerged as well from the dim marble recess where they live. All these were made at ISO 200.

1/250 second, f/6.3

1/320 second, f/6.3

The white and neon-orange garage door had clearly been embellished (by skilled hands) quite recently.

Below, additional house-fronts on or near Guerrero.

1/640 second, f/16

1/640 second, f/16

1/400 second, f/16

1/250 second, f/16

1/320 second, f/14

1/160 second, f/16

And a cupola.

1/200 second, f/16