Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hardworking Baby

1/250 second, f/2.8

1/400 second, f/1.4

Smaller hard-page books stack themselves horizontally on the floor-level shelf where Mabel Watson Payne can freely pick things for herself (meaning that is the shelf where she most often picks the next book she would like some nearby adult to read to her). The taller, thin-page, vertically-standing books just above are packed together very tightly. This makes them a little bit difficult for baby fingers to extract without help. When Mabel chooses one of those (she knows them all perfectly well by their spines) then the nearby adult helps to dislodge it.

1/320 second, f/4

1/320 second, f/4

1/320 second, f/4

Drawing has taken its own great leap forward since Daddy came up with a set of water-soluble markers that live in a can all covered with hearts (and make more beautiful marks than crayons, with less effort).

1/1250 second, f/2.5

1/320 second, f/6.3

1/320 second, f/4

1/400 second, f/4

Naps are shorter now and fewer. There is too much else to do.

1/400 second, f/3.5

1/320 second, f/4.5

1/160 second, f/3.5